An IAM RoadSmart Examiner is a very high profile, visible role as a public facing member of the IAM’s ongoing team. You will welcome and engage with riders who are seeking to prove their advanced skills through the Advanced Rider Test. Candidates will be nervous, excited, enthusiastic and motivated. Their time with the Examiner is the culmination of a significant period of personal development and practice within a local affiliated IAM RoadSmart group.

As an IAM RoadSmart Examiner you will be involved in more activities than simply conducting IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving/Riding tests. You will also find yourself delivering:

  • IAM RoadSmart Driving/Riding Assessments
  • IAM RoadSmart Mature Driver Assessments
  • IAM RoadSmart Young Driver Assessments
  • High profile tests (VIPs, journalists, media presenters, celebrities)
  • Fleet Advanced Driver tests (for candidates prepared through professional organisations).

Traditionally, IAM RoadSmart Riding Examiners were recruited from retired Police Officers holding a Police Advanced Bike Certificate. However, the IAM are increasingly seeking Examiners who have gained sufficient experience and qualification through the IAM.

To become an IAM Examiner, you must hold an IAM RoadSmart Masters Pass in bike and the National Observer qualification. You will also receive complimentary full membership of IAM RoadSmart and a recognition certificate and thank you at the end of your time as an examiner.

To maintain impartiality you must not hold any Group Office, including being an Observer, in any Group for which you may be conducting IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Tests.