All of our Local and National Observers started out as associates, so you too could train to be an observer! Being an Observer is a rewarding and enjoyable way to help make our roads safer by coaching and mentoring riders .

The Local Observer qualification is the IAM entry level qualification for our observer teams; you need this qualification if you wish to observe for the IAM. To apply you must:

  • Be a full IAM member;
  • Be a member of DWDAM – an IAM affiliated group.

In addition to the pre-requisites, you must have approval of the group committee who are looking for individuals who are keen to be involved, are able to engage with members of the public, possess a good working knowledge of the Highway Code and always demonstrate advanced riding skills.

We will take you through a training programme, which typically takes 4 – 6 months but must be completed within 12 months, during which you’ll build a portfolio of evidence using the Local Observer Progress Summary form (LOPS).

You’ll be assessed at least twice by a Local Observer Assessor, who is responsible for completing the LOPS forms and ensuring you have reached the required competence level to achieve the Local Observer qualification.

Training and Assessment for Local Observers will cover the following areas:

  • Planning and preparation for Observed Ride sessions;
  • Meet and greet new and existing associates;
  • Demonstration of Advanced Riding techniques and practices;
  • Briefing the associate on the planned Observed Ride Session;
  • Provision of guidance on the aim(s) of the Observed Ride Session;
  • Debrief Associates using the Identify, Analyse and Rectify process.

Following your training and assessment, you’ll be awarded an IMI qualification and then you’ll provide one-to-one observed rides that generally fall into regular times and patterns to fit in with your other commitments.

Any eligible member wishing to be considered for Observer training should, in the first instance, contact Local Observer Committee Chairman Alan Bushaway (e-mail: