DWDAM is managed through an elected committee to support the function of the group.

As an affiliated IAM RoadSmart Group, we operate to IAM Group Guidelines.

Group Chairman – Brian Purnell.

Group Chairman – Brian Purnell. Brian is a founder member of the group having first enrolled as a full member in 2006. At that time the group was attached to Dorset IAM. In September 2009 it split away from Dorset IAM and became a separate group – DWDAM.

Brian has held a variety of Committee positions including Group Secretary, Membership Secretary and Events Coordinator and is now in his 5th & final year as Chairman. A highly experienced motorcyclist, Brian is qualified as an IMI National Observer / Local Observer Assessor, IAM Masters (Distinction) and is a member of the IAM RoadSmart F1RST register. In addition to his duties as Chairman, Brian is the Lead National Observer for a team of Local Observers and a Member of IAM RoadSmart Region 1 Inter Group Training Team (IGTT).

Vice Chairman – Jim Leese

Vice Chairman – Jim Leese. As part of DWDAM’s Committee succession plan, Jim was elected as Vice Chairman at the 25/11/2020 AGM. Now in his 4th year as a Committee member, Jim previously held the post of Events Coordinator which he combined with Social Media. With the need to focus more on the group’s social media and IT capability, Jim stood down from the Events roles at the 2019 AGM.

Jim designed and developed a new DWDAM website, and is now leading the way forward to enable the group to continue to communicate at various levels using Microsoft Teams. This will also includes being able to communicate virtually. Jim will continue to maintain a watching brief over Social Media and an additional member has joined the Committee to take on the role of Website / IT Manager. Jim is a qualified IMI National Observer..

Group Secretary – Graham Pinney

Group Secretary – Graham Pinney. Graham is in his 5th year as Group Secretary.

A very experienced and knowledgeable advanced motorcyclist with an excellent record of gaining Advanced Riding Test success with his Associates, Graham is a qualified National Observer and a member of the Observer Sub-Committee (OSC).

Membership Secretary – Keith Starr.

Membership Secretary – Keith Starr. Keith is in his 4th year as Membership Secretary and 3rd year as GDPR Manager. A qualified IMI National Observer, Keith has had great success of guiding Associates to Advanced Riding Test success.

Often the first point of contact with new members, Keith has done much to develop and streamline the membership registration process. A recent Group Audit commended DWDAM’s management of all Group related GDPR procedures, a compliment earned on merit by Keith.

OSC / Observer & Associate Training Coordinator – Alan Bushaway.

OSC / Observer & Associate Training Coordinator – Alan Bushaway. Alan is another founder member of the group. He is the lead point of contact for all Observer and Associate training and coordinates all the OSC activities and meetings. Alan has held this important role for the past 5 years since the inauguration of the OSC in 2015.

Alan is a qualified IMI Local Observer, and has consistently achieved considerable advanced riding test success with his Associates.

Kelvin Latham

Committee Member – Kelvin Latham: Kelvin stood down as Vice Chair at the 25/11/2020 AGM and accepted a role on the Committee instead. Kelvin is also a founder member of the group having held the Committee position of Chairman for 3 years during the early transition period when the group was renamed DWDAM in 2009.

Kelvin is a qualified IMI National Observer / Local Observer Assessor and is very much at the forefront of Observer and Associate training. Kelvin is also a member of the Observer Sub-Committee (OSC). Kelvin is another highly experienced motorcyclist and his knowledge of all things related to advanced riding is second to none. Kelvin is also the Lead National Observer for a team of Local Observers.

Treasurer – Mike Groves – Mike has held the post of Group Treasurer since the inauguration of the group as DWDAM in 2009. A group stalwart in every respect who has consistently made an excellent contribution to the efficient financial running of the group. A keen motorcyclist himself, Mike is often out on one of his motorcycles, riding for leisure with fellow members.