DWDAM AGM – 2020

The DWDAM AGM will be held on Wednesday 25 Nov at 19:00. It will be on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that enables a shared working environment, and in our case, we will hold our AGM using Teams

How do I get Invited?

To be invited to the AGM, you need to respond to the e-mail sent out to all Members and Associates on 11 November at 19:16. Otherwise, e-mail events@dwdam.org.uk to receive an invitation.

Not seen the e-mail – check your Junk Mail folder!

What Happens Next?

Once you have responded to the Group Secretary, you will receive an MS Teams Invitation that looks like the one below:

DWDAM AGM Invitation e-mail

There is no need to accept the meeting.

  • You will need an Internet connected device (obviously) – A screen and Speakers/headphones is sufficient and can be a Phone/Tablet/iPad/Laptop/PC/Mac.
  • The meeting will be live from around 18:45 on 25 November, so feel free to join nice and early to say hello and check everything works as expected.
  • To join, simply click the “Click Here to Join the Meeting” text towards the bottom of your invitation e-mail
  • When you join, you will be muted. The meeting Organiser can mute you during the meeting, but you are able to un mute yourself. However, to avoid interrupting the meeting with Coughs/Sneezes/Radio/TV/Heavy Breathing etc, we do ask that you remain muted unless you are asking a question.
  • There will be allocated times for asking questions, at the end of each presenter’s session – we ask that you hold your questions until then. You can raise your question during the meeting by typing a question into the meeting Chat. The meeting organiser will manage questions posed through Chat.