DWDAM Summer Dash 20/21 May

A weekend away on the bikes!

May 20/21st

Leave Saturday morning, return Sunday late afternoon

This is a no frills outing to Aberystwyth and back, 500 mile round trip, staying in a nice guest house on the Saturday night (own room, shared bathroom), with a meal and lively banter in the pub next door in the evening.

It’ll be a progressive ride appealing to riders happy to maintain a medium pace for 2 days.

The route will broadly be to head up to Worcester then across Wales, taking in the legendary A44 and the Elan Valley to Devil’s Bridge.

The return will take a more southerly loop via Lampeter and back over the Severn Bridge.

To make it more interesting, the coffee stops will be defined, but the sections between them will be lead by different people, so anyone wanting to take a turn can do so. (although this is optional – if you just want to come and not lead, that’s fine too)

How much for this weekend of fun and stunning riding I hear you ask?

£55 for the accommodation, plus your coffee, cake, and evening meal, so all in for around £100 plus fuel!

Places are limited, so if you are interested, please let me know via email to social@dwdam.org.uk