DWDAM has a Training Support Team (TST), appointed by the DWDAM Committee, headed by a Chief Observer and supported by National Observers, Local Observers, Full Members (non Observers) as well as representatives of the Group Committee.


The aim of the TST is to manage, administer and provide authoritative advice and guidance on an all aspects of IAM RoadSmart rider training within DWDAM. This will be achieved through the successful delivery of coaching and support to its Associates to achieve the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test, and for Members to achieve a higher riding standard or an independently recognised qualification for Observers.

Structure & Roles:

Chief Observer:

DWDAM does not yet have an appointed Chief Observer

The Chief Observer will provide authoritative advice and guidance on training matters within DWDAM, maintain up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of IAM RoadSmart, Motorcycle Road Craft and associated riding guidance.

Associate Training Coordinator – Alan Bushaway.

Associate Training Co-Ordinator (ATC)

Alan Bushaway is the Associate Training Coordinator.

The ATC manages the Observer to Associate allocation, monitor Associates’ training progress and arrange for Pre-Test Ride Checks (PTRC) when the Associate is ready for test. On successful PTRC, submit advanced riding test application.

Membership Training Co-Ordinator (MTC)

Brian Purnell is the Membership Training Coordinator

The MTC will manage a Continuing Rider Development Programme (e.g. Check Rides, Training events and Intergroup Training) for the Membership, manage further IAM training (F1RST and Masters) and public-facing training.

Observer Training Co-Ordinator (OTC)

Kelvin Latham is the Observer Training Coordinator

The OTC will recruit sufficient Trainee Local Observers, National Observers / Local Observer Assessors, to maintain the training demand, manage the IMI Observer application process and administer Observer training. In support of maintaining training standards, establish and maintain a Local Observer Audit schedule.