The IAM RoadSmart F1RST Register recognises and celebrates excellence demonstrated during our advanced rider test. Members will receive a special certificate complete with the F1RST logo and their names are also entered into the F1RST register.

F1RST membership is attained by taking the Advanced Rider Test and achieving a score of 1 in every category. Candidates may be awarded a F1RST even if they score a ‘2’ in no more than three categories (however Legality and Slow Manoeuvring must score a ‘1’); this is up to the Examiner’s discretion.

In addition to Associates taking their test for the first time, existing IAM members may take a Member’s Assessment in order to try and achieve a F1RST and gain entry to the F1RST Register.

Riders who hold the equivalent of a police advanced qualification may join the IAM and will be awarded F1RST status.

During the Advanced Rider Test, the examiner is considering:

  • Safety and Legality (Must Score 1)
  • System
  • Observation
  • Planning and Hazard Management
  • Anticipation
  • Vehicle Sympathy
  • Positioning
  • Gear Changing
  • Use of Gearbox
  • Acceleration Sense
  • Rear Observation
  • Steering
  • Barking
  • Signals
  • Knowledge
  • Cornering
  • Overtaking
  • Restraint & Progress
  • Human Factors & Concentration
  • Courtesy
  • Slow Manoeuvring (Must score 1)
  • Smoothness