DWDAM are committed to continuous improvement so passing the advanced test is only the start!

The group organises various training events throughout the year for full members and associates.

Additionally, any member wishing to have a refresher ride check or assessed ride to help them identify those area that need brushing up should in the first instance contact the Membership Training Coordinator (See Contact Us page for details).

There are several options for further development:

  • F1RST – Re-take the IAM Advanced Rider Test with the aim of achieving a F1RST pass, where the rider scores a 1 in every category (a maximum of two categories are permitted a score of 2 each but exclude Legality and Slow Manoeuvring which must score a 1).
  • Masters – The IAM RoadSmart Masters standard offers the ultimate challenge for civilian riders. Open to all current IAM members, one-to-one mentoring support and guidance is provided to help you build on your skills to enhance and develop your ability even further in cornering principles, safe overtaking manoeuvres, make safe progress (within the speed limits), improve observation, anticipation and awareness and apply sound judgement of speed and distance. Motorcycle Masters candidates should read the Full Control document first.
  • National Observer Assessor
  • Skills Day Instructor
  • Masters Mentor
  • IAM RoadSmart Examiner – Traditionally, IAM Examiners have been ex-Police Advanced Riders, but the role is now open to Advanced Riders with a Masters pass and holding a National Observer qualification. An IAM RoadSmart Examiner is a very high profile, public facing member of the IAM team. You will welcome and engage with riders seeking to prove their advanced skills through the Advanced Rider test.