Associates, members and pillions are welcome on ride outs; we only need associates to be cleared by their observer to attend ride outs to ensure that they are basically safe riders and won’t put themselves or others at risk.

Ride outs are social events; they are structured so that there is no pressure on any rider to ride at a pace they are not comfortable with, and using the Drop Off System, there is frequent movement of riders between the group and nobody gets lost!

There is no observation, advice or comment made to riders during the ride out, unless a rider is acting in a risky manner.  There is no expectation of a rider fully adhering to the System, however, it is a great time to see how others ride and to practice your own technique.

We plan for group ride outs on the 1st Sunday of the month and a midweek evening ride tout on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from May – September.  

Any full member can organise and lead a ride and training is provided if needed.

We want ride outs to be safe, so we start each ride with a short safety briefing.  We have a Code of Conduct so that everybody understands how we conduct our ride outs.