Helite and Bike Seal Evening

Many thanks to those that attended the Helite and Bike Seal evening. The evening was broken into two parts:

Helite Air Vest

DWDAM Members, Associates and friends gathered for a very informative introduction into the benefits of the Helite Air Vest system:

A high-quality back protector is placed over the airbag as a rigid outer material like a turtle shell so that the whole back is protected in case of a fall.

The airbag inflates in under 100 milliseconds…. faster than you can blink.

Due to the placement of the back protector on the outside of the airbag this results in the energy from an impact being dispersed effectively & evenly. This has been proved in Laboratory tests….

We didn’t need any laboratory tests………….we had David Brann, our brave volunteer!

Many thanks to Lee Lowry of Helite Vests for coming down from Birmingham to demonstrate the vest to us.

Bike Seal

Following on from the Air Vest demonstration, Dale from Bike Seal gave us a talk and demo of their water based product. No chemicals involved so no risk to your wheels! Bike Seal is a mix of water, ethanol (anti freeze) and kevlar fibres that stop air loss following a puncture. It is incredibly quick and effective – have a look at the video below:

Many thanks to Dale for coming over to us to demonstrate the product. Supplies of Bike Seal can be obtained through the group secretary, at a special price!