Skills Up before Knee Down

As the fantastic weather approaches, there will be plenty of riders dusting off their machines, ready for a ride out after a few months off the bike. There is usually a sharp increase in motorbike collisions at this time of year.  The top causes are: Overtaking, Loss of Control, Not being seen and Unable to stop. (Data from DocBike Website)

Without being patronising, if you have been off the bike for a few months then:

  • Check your bike; especially tyres and brakes.
  • Motorcycling is a skilled endeavour; your skills are rusty, so ease yourself back in.
  • Slow in and Fast out of corners; perhaps approach bends a little slower to give your brain time to think.
  • Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule.

Other drivers will not be used to bikers being back on the road.  They will not see you:

  • Approaching a junction?
    • Move away from it and be ready to slow down to avoid the SMIDSY.
    • Don’t overtake…..
  • Overtaking is fun but puts you at greatest risk and will surprise drivers, who may react unexpectedly.  Give them plenty of space

DWDAM run Advanced Rider Courses and provide Free Advanced Rider Introduction sessions throughout the year which will improve your skills and help to keep you safe on the road. Courses are supported by Dorset Council for riders who live or work in Dorset. Contact Us for more information.