Slow Riding Day

DWDAM held a successful Slow Riding Day for members, associates and the public on Saturday 7 May 22. The event was supported by Dorset Council, who kindly allowed us the use of their car park for the morning.

All told, around 25 riders took part in a series of slow riding exercises, designed to improve slow speed machine handling. Many riders expressed the lack of safe training opportunities and were grateful for the instruction and practice.

Slow riding is an essential skill, allowing riders to negotiate hazards and traffic safely.

Riders Practicing Slow Riding Skills

1 thought on “Slow Riding Day”

  1. Well done to all at DWDAM such a friendly and professional group of people. Dedicated to supporting and helping riders all over Dorset. It is really great to see these events back on after the pandemic as it provides an excellent opportunity for riders to meet up, make friends, gain knowledge and experience and most of all have fun. It is a pleasure working with you and I am sure the next event will be just as successful on Saturday 14th May 2022.

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