Open to all current IAM members, our Masters programme provides true one-to-one mentoring support and guidance that will help you to attain the highest standard of civilian driving or riding ability in the country. There are no exemption qualifications to our Masters standard.

Building on your skills as an existing advanced road user, the Masters programme will help to enhance and develop your ability even further in the following areas:

  • applying cornering principles
  • Assessing, planning and executing safe overtaking manoeuvres
  • Recognising opportunities to make safe progress (within the speed limits)
  • Improving observation, anticipation and awareness consistent with vehicle speed
  • Applying sound judgement of speed and distance
  • Delivering a fluent, relevant and continuous commentary
  • We recommend that potential motorcycle Masters candidates read the Full Control document first.

Once you and your mentor feel that you are ready, we will offer you a ninety minute test that includes both a theory session and an extended drive or ride. To challenge you the Masters test will be conducted on roads unfamiliar to you, and may therefore involve travelling a fair distance from where you live. You will be scored on a series of criteria and able to achieve either a Pass or a Distinction award.

The programme consists of:

  • A personal logbook
  • The latest copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft
  • An introductory drive or ride
  • A dedicated Mentor
  • Six sessions or 10-12 hours of mentoring (a top-up package of three additional sessions is available to purchase for those who require more mentoring to become a Master)
  • Inclusion in the Masters Register upon passing (Click to view, Members only login)

The Masters test will be conducted in a location away from your usual driving or riding roads and may involve a journey of up to 100 miles. The Masters test will challenge you to drive or ride on roads that are unfamiliar to you. 

Our Masters qualification is valid for FIVE years after which time we will invite you to re-qualify. Upon re-qualifying you will be awarded either a Pass or Distinction and the online Register updated.