The test route will be approximately 30 miles, covering A, B, C class roads, Dual Carriageway, town and rural riding, roundabouts, mini roundabouts, left and right turn junctions (mostly give way with at least one stop line).

The Examiner will be looking for the 4 S:

  • Safety
  • Smooth
  • System
  • Style

Your ride must be safe, legal, systematic, smooth and progressive within the speed limit and where the traffic and road conditions allow.  For a solid Test Pass, the examiner will be looking for the following to be demonstrated by you:

  • Safety must be your first priority;
  • Wear appropriate motorcycle protective clothing for the conditions;
  • Know the characteristics of your machine including ABS, traction control, linked braking, etc;
  • Know your gear ratios and approximate maximum speed in each gear, and use an appropriate gear in any given situation;
  • Control of your motorcycle using all of the controls fully, smoothly, efficiently and effectively;
  • Set off, pause and stop in a smooth efficient manner—one foot down, whichever is appropriate, always right foot if gear changes are likely to be required;
  • Adjust speed, and gears, in a smooth and safe manner as appropriate for any anticipated hazard;
  • Signal other road users as and when necessary, in a clear and precise manner;
  • Comply with all speed limits and be able to make progress up to the National speed limit when and where it is safe and appropriate;
  • Move smoothly into the correct position for Safety, Stability and View;
  • Link hazards, changing speed and position smoothly between them;
  • Judge other motorists to enable a smooth passage through junctions, roundabouts, etc;
  • Judge hazards and traffic controls so that where possible you can smoothly negotiate them without having to stop;
  • Overtake other road users as and when safe and appropriate;
  • Read the limit point and take into account the road surface and any other hazards to be able to continue to make appropriate progress through a bend;
  • Maintain concentration from the beginning to the finish of the test;